Crystal Shards

The beginning

We are all sitting around a tavern when some punk walks over to one of us and nicks our assassin’s, Carver, coin purse. All of us ran after the guy, we happened to run into a guard and had to threaten the fool to tell us which way the thief went. So we ended up following him to into the city sewer system, after wandering around the upper sewers for quite sometime we found the way down to the next level of sewers. Upon reaching the bottom we headed out into the hallway where we heard an argument going on. Looking out into the room we saw two women screaming at each other and two guys behind the blonde one who were just watching, deducting that the other women was about to get into some serious trouble, our avenger, Ashar, charged in and cleaved her axe into the blonde girl’s side but to little effect due to her armor. And the battle was soon joined by the rest of the party; which is was Carver, and our druid, Jitabirt, with his wolf companion.

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